Bias Assessment Resource Team:

The purpose of BART is to:

1. Receive and monitor reports of bias-related incidents in order to better understand the reality and climate of the student experience at UNC Charlotte;

2. Review and assess reports of bias-related incidents and direct those reports to the appropriate unit(s) for response;

3. Raise awareness of bias and the impact of biases on the UNC Charlotte community, through education and awareness presentations; and

4. Provide assistance, support and guidance to those negatively impacted by bias-related incidents by connecting them to campus resources that can provide assistance and support.

BART is not a disciplinary body, and does not investigate or adjudicate bias-related incidents beyond offering support and assistance to those impacted, directing reports to appropriate units for response, and monitoring the climate of the University for educational purposes to help create the best environment for all University community members.  BART does not take the place of any other University process or service, but rather provides support to students and connects them to those resources.

The Bias Assessment Resource Team is comprised of university members from the following areas:

  1. Office of Student Assistance and Support Services, Chair
  2. Housing and Residence Life
  3. Office of Student Conduct
  4. Office of Legal Affairs
  5. Academic Affairs
  6. Police and Public Safety
  7. Office of Multicultural Affairs
  8. International Student and Scholar Office