When a report is submitted, the report will be routed to the Chair of BART for initial review.

**If immediate assistance is needed by the victim of the incident, the reporting party is encouraged to call Campus Police.

1) If the reporting party requests follow-up, a BART member will reach out to the individual to gather more information, provide support, and connect the individual to campus resources. BART will then forward the report to the appropriate unit(s) to determine and implement an appropriate response.BART will use “information only” reports to develop a better understanding of the climate of the student experience and to guide BART members on developing intentional programmatic efforts to educate the UNC Charlotte community. BART will not reach out to individuals who submit an “information only” report, unless there is a legal obligation to do so or the Chair of BART makes a reasonable determination that the health or safety of an individual, or the campus community, is at risk.

2) If a reporting party believes a crime or violation of University Policy occurred, he/she is encouraged to file a police report with Campus Police or an incident report directly with the Office of Student Conduct, in addition to submitting the Bias Incident Form. BART does not serve in a punitive or conduct role, therefore those processes must be pursued through the appropriate University channels, including Office of Student Conduct and/or Campus Police.

3) BART will meet as a full body at a determined time monthly, or more often as needed, to review reports, discuss updates on the responses implemented for individual reports, consider the current climate of the student experience at UNC Charlotte, and assess the best ways to provide resources to students at the University.

4) A summary report on the climate of the student experience will be developed and provided to University administration.