Jurisdiction of the University

A student, student organization or a person who has submitted an application for admission, housing, or any other service provided by the University which requires a student or student organization status will be subject to the Code of Student Responsibility and the Code of Academic Integrity for any conduct violation which occurs on University property, at University-sponsored events or off campus. Any action of the University with respect to off-campus conduct shall be taken independently of any criminal proceedings. 

Off-Campus Conduct

UNC Charlotte values the responsibility, civility, and integrity of the UNC Charlotte community. As a member of this community all students should be aware of their actions both on and off campus. Behavior should always represent the student and the UNC Charlotte community in a respectable manner. The University may take student conduct action against a student for violations committed off campus if any one of the following applies:

1. The off-campus conduct is specifically prohibited by law or violates this Code of Student Responsibility.

2. The off-campus conduct demonstrates that the continued presence of the student on campus presents a danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the UNC Charlotte Community; is disruptive to the orderly processes and functions of the University; or is intimidating or threatening to the UNC Charlotte Community or an individual within the UNC Charlotte Community.

3. The off-campus conduct is of such a serious nature that it adversely affects the student’s suitability to remain a part of the UNC Charlotte Community.