Chapter Operations 
Change of Officer and Advisor Update Form
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PHILANTHROPY Efforts Monthly Report
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SERVICE Efforts Monthly Report
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Advisor Update Form
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Roster Update Form
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Fraternity & Sorority Life Calendars:

Fall 2017 Calendar 

Spring 2017 Calendar

Fall 2016 Calendar

Spring 2016 Calendar 

Fall 2015 Calendar

Spring 2015 Calendar

Fall 2014 Calendar

Spring 2014 Calendar

Fall 2013 Calendar

Spring 2013 Calendar

Fall 2012 Calendar

Spring 2012 calendar

Fall 2011 Calendar


Fraternity & Sorority Life Grade Reports:

Spring 2017 Grade report

Fall 2016 Grade report

Spring 2016 Grade report

Fall 2015 Grade report

Spring 2015 Grade report

Fall 2014 Grade report

Spring 2014 Grade report

Fall 2013 Grade report

Spring 2013 Grade report

Fall 2012  Grade report

Spring 2012 Grade report

Fall 2011 Grade report

Spring 2011 Grade Report

Fall 2010 Grade Report

Spring 2010 Grade Report
Fall 2009 Grade Report
Spring 2009 Grade Report
Spring 2008 Grade Report
Fall 2008 Grade Report

Fraternity & Sorority Life Important forms:

IFC Rush Calendar Template


OFSL Intake Guidelines (DGC, NPHC, IC)

OFSL New Member Edu. Guidelines (IFC, PHA)

OFSL New Member Bid Verification Form

 OFSL Service Guidelines
Fraternity & Sorority Life Relationship statement Documents:

2011 OFSL Consultant Report


Recognition Guidelines

OFSL Relationship Statement 
Relationship Statement Program Power Point

Relationship Statement program evaluation form

14 Basic Requirements 


Greek Village Forms and Documents:

Greek Village Terms of Participation 

Greek Village Conference Room Reservation Form

Greek Village Event Reservation Form with Alcohol

Greek Village Event Reservation Form without Alcohol

Greek Village Project Estimate Form 2012