Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Assistance

When does my student need to register for classes, select housing, and get their student ID?

All new UNC Charlotte students register for classes at SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) after completing the program. There will be advisors and Orientation Counselors in each registration lab to help your student. After registering for classes, the last thing your student will do at SOAR is receive their Student ID, making them a Niner, officially! You may apply for on-campus housing at or call 704-687-7501 for more information.

Where can my child receive extra academic assistance on campus?

There are a variety of places on campus where your child can receive extra help. The Writing Resource Center assists students with presentation and writing skills; while the University Center for Academic Excellence provides tutoring, time management ideas and study skills. The websites for these departments are and

For a more detailed list about where your student should seek help on campus, use this site:

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How can my student use Niner Advisor?

This resource allows your student to schedule advising appointments, view their major and minor advisors, and has a “student profile” that shows your student’s class level, cumulative GPA, major and minors, and much more! It can be accessed at:

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How does my student order books?

If your student logs on to their 49er Express account, clicks on Banner Self Service, then on Student Services/Accounts, then click on Search for Books assigned to course. Once on that page, your student will be able to see what prices the bookstore offers for new, used and rental books (depending on availability.) For more information on the campus bookstore visit:

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Counseling Center

What services are offered? How does my student make an appointment?

The Counseling Center offers a variety of support for students, whether it be for personal or relationship or development issues or academic concerns. There is individual, group, and relationship counseling available. If your student needs to make an appointment, they can do so by calling 704-687-0311 or by stopping by the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center’s website can be viewed at:

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Dean of Students

What should my student do if they are having behavioral issues?

The Office of Student Conduct gives students information about the conduct processes and the SGA Judicial Board. For more information visit:

How does my student withdraw from UNC Charlotte?

If your student has decided to withdraw, they can complete the withdrawal process online via 49er Express. If they have specific questions, they should contact their academic adviser. The Office of the Registrar provides a detailed checklist of the offices that your student should consider contacting if they are planning on withdrawing, that list can be found at:

What is Academic Probation and how does it affect my student?

If your student has a cumulative GPA below 2.0 at the end of the Fall or Spring semester, they will be place on Academic Probation. However, if your student receives below a 2.0 GPA two consecutive semesters, they will be placed on Academic Suspension. For more details on these processes visit:

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Dining Services

What is the difference between the meal plans? And how do I choose which is best for my student?

Meal plans are available to your student based on their class level and whether they live in required housing or off campus. For detailed descriptions about the meal plans visit:

On the meal plan web page there is a “Meal Plan Recommendation” generator that asks a variety of questions and will show which meal plan is best for your student. That can alsobe found at:

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Disability Services

What services are provided through this department?

This office offers students accessible classrooms and furniture, Class Notes, Interpreting Services, SAFE Ride accommodations and much more. For more information about how to register visit:

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Financial Aid and Billing

How do I access information about financial aid at UNC Charlotte?

The Financial Aid website offers a variety of information at: Through this site you will be able to find out about loan information, scholarships, deadlines and important forms and documents. The deadline for FAFSA this year is March 1, 2012. For more specific parent related information there is a “Parent Page” and that link is:

When will I receive my student’s bill?

Each month, students with outstanding charges on their accounts (tuition, fees, meal plans etc.) receive an email that a new statement is available online via 49er Express.UNC Charlotte does not mail paper bills.The university requires that account balances be paid in full PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASSES in order to avoid cancellation of courses at the beginning of the term. Paying in full means:

  • Complete payment of tuition, fees, and charges.
  • Payment of the difference of all charges LESS offered financial aid.
  • Enrollment in a UNC Charlotte Payment Plan that will cover the total balance.

Is there a payment plan available for paying my student’s bill?

UNC Charlotte offers a payment plan each term, to spread your charges out into three smaller payments throughout the semester. Billing payments can be made by cash, check, or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). There is a $55 fee to enroll in a payment plan.

What is the Student Health Premium Charge?

All full-time students are required to have health insurance. The premium for 2012 is $709. If you are covered by another policy, you can waive the Student Health Insurance fee by submitting a waiver. The deadline to submit the waiver is approx. 30 days after the first day of class. Please visit for instructions on the waiver process. Student Insurance waivers are credits and appear on your eBill as a “Health Insurance Waiver”. It may take up to 30 days for the credit to be processed and credited to your account.

What does a negative balance on my eBill mean?

If the amount of financial aid disbursed is greater than your charges, then you will see a negative balance on your account. This means a refund will be paid to the student. Refunds are processed on the first day of class at the earliest. Students may use this refund check to purchase books or for other expenses.

How can I view and pay my student’s account?

If someone other than the student would like access and become an “authorized user” to the student’s account, they will need the student’s permission to have access to that account. To add an Authorized User, log into 49er Express, select “My Records”. In the yellow box at the top left, select “Make a Payment” and “Authorized Users” tab (at the top of the page) .Authorized Users get notifications for balances due on your account.

More information on authorized users can be found at Payments can be made online, in person, by mail and occasionally through wire transfers. More information on payment methods can be found at

There are many resources to help pay for college tuition such as financial aid, scholarships and work-study. For more information on the various types of aid we can provide look here:

Do I have to fill out anything else to apply for financial aid at UNC Charlotte?

The FAFSA is the only application required for financial aid at UNC Charlotte. If additional information is needed, we contact students with specific requests. Do not send tax returns, W-2s, etc., to the Office of Financial Aid unless we ask for them. The Priority date for submitting your Financial Aid application is March 1. Applicants who file by this date will be eligible for all available forms of Financial Aid. Since financial aid is limited, filing by the priority date means there is a better chance to receive aid.

When and how will my student receive their financial aid refund?

Refunds are disbursed on the first day of class at the earliest. If you have Direct Deposit, you will receive a refund through your direct deposit account within 5 to 7 days after the refund is posted to your account. If you don’t have Direct Deposit, a refund check will be mailed to your permanent address. Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive a mailed refund check once the refund has posted.

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What resources does the Atkins Library have to offer?

Your student can reserve study rooms which are often used for group projects, study groups for exams, and small organization meetings on campus. Reservations can be made online at:

On the library website your student can also view the available computers in the library, including laptops available for rent. During exam week, the library is open 24 hours.

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Parent and Family Member Involvement

What is FERPA?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. At UNC Charlotte, this means that parents do not have access to student records or information such as grades or finances unless granted authorization through Authorized User by the student.

FERPA, by definition, “protects the privacy of student education records,” meaning that any student registering have a right to their privacy while doing so as those classes are a part of their student records. This means that students must register at SOAR without parents or family members.

For more information on your rights as a parent of family member, according to FERPA, see More information how to become an Authorized User can be found at

How can I be more involved as a parent or family member at UNCC?

By signing up for Niner Nation Family! This can easily be done by visiting:

You can also experience UNC Charlotte during Family Day or Family Weekend. More information on these events can be found on the Parent and Family services site:

When is Family Weekend 2017?

More details to come, but the date will be sometime in late September or early October.

Where can I find keys dates for the academic school year?

The full academic calendar can be found at which contains important academic deadlines days and all break days.

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Parking Services

Does my child need a parking pass?

If your child will be living on campus and is planning on bringing their car with them, purchasing a permit will be necessary. If your child lives off campus and they plan on parking on campus during the semester is select commuter lots, a permit will also be required. UNC Charlotte also has parking meters in designated commuter lots; the prices for those can be viewed on the Parking and Transportation Services website at:

How much does it cost? And how do I purchase one?

A full year parking pass (that is valid starting in the Fall) was $380 during the 2011-12 school year. Permit prices are subject to change and the most current prices, along with permit options are available on the PATS web page. Your student can purchase a parking permit at the Parking Services building or online.

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Post Office

How do I send mail to my student?

Here is an example of how the envelope should be addressed:

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Public Safety

How can my student sign up for campus alerts?

Your student can sign up for Campus Alerts on this site: This site also has important phone numbers for campus police, student health services, and emergency/weather hotline.

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Residence Life

When will my student receive their residence hall and roommate assignment?

Housing Status is sent out on a rolling basis, depending on when your student applies for housing and when their roommates apply for housing. For more information go to or call 704-687-7501 to speak with a representative from the Housing Office.

When does on-campus Move-In begin?

Move-In is not just one day here at UNC Charlotte but it happens on a rolling schedule depending on your residence hall, the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before classes begin in the Fall semester. Your exact Move-In Day will be indicated on your Housing application after you are assigned.

What should my student do if they are having roommate problems?

Residence Life has a site that will provide your student with information on how to solve roommate issues, this can be found at:

If your student still needs help after using this resource, they should contact their Resident Adviser or Residence Coordinator.

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Spirituality and Religion

Where can my student find out more information?

The Religious and Spiritual Life office provides students with workshops, seminars and student organization support. They assist students with exploring their religious and spiritual identities and expression. For more information visit:

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Summer School

How can Summer School help my student?

Summer school can allow your student to catch up, get ahead, and help make sure they graduate on time. There are both classroom and online courses offered. For more information about summer school visit their site at:

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Technology Questions

Does my student need to purchase a laptop?

The only colleges that require students to have a laptop are the College of Arts and Architecture and the College of Engineering. For more information on the specific requirements visit and Otherwise, students do not necessarily have to have a laptop but have the access to computer is strongly encouraged. The library and many of our colleges have computer labs that are open to students.

How can my student receive assistance with any online accounts or technical questions?

The Information and Technology Services website offers a help desk online, as well as office hours. This site can be found at: Their frequently asked section page can give students a wide variety of answers for online accounts such as Niner Mail and 49er Express.

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49er Card

What is a 49er card?

Every student at UNC Charlotte is given a 49er Identification Card that allows the student to have access to campus housing, campus activities and programs, athletic events and recreational facilities, computer labs, and the Student Health Center. However, the card also functions as a meal plan card and a library card. It holds funds for the Optional Dining Account (ODA) and the 49er account. Essentially these cards are extremely important and fund information can be viewed online at:

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