Transfer Parent and Family Member Program Information

Yes, parents and family members are welcome at SOAR, we even designed an experience just for you.

The SOAR Parent/Family Member program consists of a series of special presentations designed to help parents and family members gain additional information about the University and its resources. It will also offer insight into the adjustments faced by college students and their families during the transfer experience. There are no activities scheduled during SOAR for siblings; however, they are welcome to attend the parent/ family member program. Students may not to bring personal guests (other than family members) to the SOAR program.

NOTE: Some presentations are offered jointly to students, and parents/ family members, while others are designed specifically for either students or parents/family members.

Niner Nation Family

We realize that parents and families are a very important part of the university community and strive to provide valuable programs, services, and communication between the parents and families and the university in order to support student success and promote family involvement within the campus community. Membership to Niner Nation Family is free and open to all parents and families.

All family members who attend SOAR are automatically registered as a member of Niner Nation Family. For more information on all of our programs and services for family members, visit

Summer SOAR Program Fees

Transfer student = $75
Includes: continental breakfast, lunch, all program materials, and all other expenses associated with the program.

Transfer parent/family member = $45 each
Includes: continental breakfast, lunch, all program materials, and all other expenses associated with the program.

ALL parents/family members attending the SOAR program, regardless of age, must pay the $45 fee.

Additional overnight = additional $25 each
Includes: overnight accommodations only.

This option is only for those students and parents and family members arriving the day before their scheduled SOAR session.

ALL students, parents, or family members staying overnight on campus, regardless of age, must pay the additional $25 per person fee.

SOAR reservations are not complete until payment is received.

Refunds require a written notification submitted five (5) business days prior to the student's confirmed SOAR date.

Area Hotels

The SOAR program does not have any preferred hotel partners in the area. There are several hotels convenient to the University, located near campus. If you do not wish to utilize the on-campus housing available to you, we recommend that you research the best hotel for your family's needs.

Privacy of Student Records

If you choose to attend SOAR, please be aware that some portions of the program are only open to students. Federal law broadly prohibits the disclosure of confidential information from student records, even to parents and family members – regardless of student’s tax status or the funding of the student’s education. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), enacted in 1974, has the primary purpose of protecting the privacy of student information by controlling access to, and disclosure of, students' education records. Faculty, staff, and administrative officers at UNC Charlotte are required by FERPA to treat education records confidentially unless a student provides written consent to disclose. Additional information about FERPA and the student waiver of protection is available at