Due to the high volume of requests received at the end of the semester, the deadline to submit accommodations for issues that occurred during the first 14 weeks of the semester will be FRIDAY, November 24, 2017 at 5:00pm.  Issues that occur between November 24th and the last day of final exams (December 15th, 2017 at 5:00pm) will be processed within the procedure prescribed in this site.

Please note that while the Dean of Students Office can help verify the documented circumstance, such verification does not guarantee an excused absence, rescheduled coursework, and/or make up exam. The final decision for approval of all absences and missed work is determined by the instructor.

UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Classroom Attendance

Each instructor determines the classroom policies (including attendance regulations) for his or her courses. In general, students are expected to attend punctually all scheduled sessions in the courses for which they are registered, to demonstrate civil behavior while in class, and to complete all of the course requirements. Instructors may outline additional and more specific standards in the course syllabus, especially when attendance is part of the grading criteria for the class. For online synchronous classes, instructors can choose to take attendance with any technology available to them. Absences from class may be excused by the instructor for such reasons as personal illness or participating as an authorized University representative in an out-of-town event. Whenever possible, students are expected to seek the permission of the instructor prior to absences. Absences for religious holidays fall under University Policy 409, Religious Accommodation for Students; see legal.uncc.edu/policies/up-409 for details.

Requests for Document Verification:

A student may request Dean of Students Office assistance for the following academic actions: advocating for absence(s), make up work, and extended academic deadlines. Any requests for absence verification for participation in out-of-classroom activities such as student conferences, personal activities, etc must be directed to the student's faculty member(s). Any requests for academic accommodations due to a qualified, documented disability should be submitted to the Office of Disability Services. Reasons that the Dean of Students office will verify:

Medical Emergency –  Documentation of the circumstance, illness, or condition must be on medical practice letterhead with the name and phone of the provider/practice, signed and dated by the attending physician, and include the dates of treatment as well as the student's anticipated date to return to class/work.

Personal/Family Emergency –  Special circumstances involving an immediate family member (spouse/partner, parent, sibling, child, grandparent). The Dean of Students Office must be able to establish a relationship between the student and the immediate family member in order to advocate for an academic accommodation. Circumstances that do not meet the "immediate family member" criteria listed above may require the student to meet with a Dean of Students staff member to determine appropriate accommodations.

In cases of family illness, the student must provide medical documentation of the family member’s illness, which must be presented on medical practice letterhead, signed and dated by the attending physician, and include the dates of treatment. The Dean of Students Office must be able to verify the relationship between the student and the immediate family member.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a student experiences the loss of an immediate family member, the student must provide an obituary, memorial service pamphlet, or other documentation that identifies the student as related to the deceased. Such documentation must include date of the family member's passing, date of funeral/memorial service, and the city and state the services were held.

Military Orders – The student must provide official military orders signed and dated by a commanding officer/designee. Orders must include the name of the student as well as dates of departure and return. If the orders do not include the name of the student, our office must receive communication (email or fax) from the student's Commanding Officer verifying the student's name and validity of the orders.

Court Orders – when being called to jury duty or subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness.  The Dean of Students Office does not advocate for students who are required to appear in court as a defendant.

In each case, the Dean of Students Office must have documentation in order to verify the circumstance, take action, and advocate on behalf of a student. Our office may take steps to call medical providers or others to validate any documentation submitted. Submission of falsified documentation by a student may result in charges under the Code of Student Responsibility.

Please note that while the Dean of Students Office can help verify the documented circumstance, such verification does not guarantee an excused absence, rescheduled coursework, and/or make up exam.  The final decision regarding the actual absence verification and/or accommodation lies with the individual faculty member.

Authority for the Dean of Students Office to advocate for such requests ends once grades are posted for the student (including a single grade for a course or grades for multiple courses).  A student may still pursue a retroactive withdrawal from the semester through an Academic Petition submitted to his/her academic college.

Submit Your Request

In order to process your request for assistance, please click HERE to complete the online request form. Original documentation must be turned into the Dean of Students Office for formal verification. Please note that any required original documentation may be provided in the following ways:

Faxed ATTN: Student Assistance and Support Services at 704-687-1969

Mailed ATTN: Student Assistance and Support Services King 118 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223

Emailed to the Administrative Support Associate, Kaitlyn Draughn at kdraugh4@uncc.edu

Delivered in person to 118 King Bldg.