Tuition, Housing and Dining Appeals

If a student drops or withdraws from a course(s), the student may request a reduction of tuition, fees, housing and/or dining charges subject to the following rules and conditions

       Reductions in tuition and fees:

If you are appealing tuition charges, you must have withdrawn from the course(s) before you can appeal. If the deadline has passed to withdraw from your course(s), submit an Academic Petition at to initiate your request for a late withdrawal.

Any student who enrolls in classes for a given term is responsible for payment of the tuition assessed for that term. If a student drops a course (or courses), withdraws completely, or is dropped for non-payment, the student is liable for the appropriate portion for that semester, regardless of whether the tuition and fees have been paid in total at the time of the drop or withdrawal. If a student drops, withdraws, or is dropped for non-payment during the term, a reduction will automatically be processed according to the schedule found No reductions are made for official withdrawals after 60% of the enrollment period (semester or term).

If a student’s account with the University shows a Balance Due at the time a reduction is processed, the reduction will be applied to the outstanding balance. If some type of financial aid was applied to the student’s tuition, part or all of the reduction may have to be returned directly to the appropriate financial aid fund rather than to the student. Any funds returned to the student ordinarily require two to three weeks for processing. Students should make sure that their address is correct on file with the University. 

Reductions in housing and dining:

* If you are appealing housing charges, you must have cancelled the referenced housing contract and charged associated financial penalties.

Students are responsible for payment of housing and meal plan services that are provided prior to the date of cancellation of enrollment or withdrawal from the University. Reductions in housing and meal plan charges are determined based on the housing and meal plan contracts.  As provided in these contracts, students who withdraw from the University with extenuating circumstances may be eligible for reductions in financial obligations for housing and dining services. Dates and corresponding charges can be found in the Contract for Residential Services. Meal plan reductions shall be prorated through the week of the last use of the plan or through the effective date of withdrawal from the University, whichever date is later. 

Students who choose to go through the appeal process should click HERE for further information.

There is a one year limit on filing an appeal.  Example: If a student is filing an appeal for fall 2016 term then it must be submitted to UNC Charlotte by the official end date of the fall 2017 term.