Welcome to the Office of Volunteer Outreach!


On behalf of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, welcome to the Office of Volunteer Outreach!  The mission of the Office of Volunteer Outreach is to actively promote the inclusion of community service in every facet of the university experience by:

    •    Helping - you realize your potential to impact your environment and community through the power of social action, responsible citizenship and volunteerism.

    •     Challenging - you and the University community to seek knowledge and experience outside of   the classroom.

    •     Serving - as a liaison between you, the community and the University.

    •    Encouraging - you to use what you learn to in your academic concentrations to create a just and peaceful society and to carry that knowledge into your life as an active citizen in your community.

    •    Providing - placement and support services to individuals and organizations involved in community service.

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