How much does it cost to attend Week of Welcome?
Week of Welcome events are free to all UNC Charlotte students.

How can I find out what events are happening during Week of Welcome?
A complete list of Week of Welcome events (including program descriptions) can be found on Week of Welcome home page by clicking on the interactive calendar.

Are Week of Welcome events open to Transfer students and Non-Traditional students?
Yes.  All Week of Welcome events are designed for the entire campus community.  Transfer students and Non-Traditional students are encouraged to come out and participate in the numerous events and programs.

How can I become a Week of Welcome Leader?
Being a Week of Welcome Leader is an amazing and fun 10-day volunteer experience!  Applications to become a Week of Welcome Leader will be available in the Spring semester. 

When can my campus department or student organization submit a program proposal for Week of Welcome?
Campus departments and student organizations may submit their program proposals for the upcoming Week of Welcome program throughout the spring semester until May.

Does my Week of Welcome program have to take place on campus?
Yes.  In order for our new students to get to know all that UNC Charlotte has to offer, it is important that all Week of Welcome programs take place on campus.

What does my Week of Welcome program proposal have to include in order to considered for acceptance?
All Week of Welcome program proposals have to include the following information:

•    Start and end time
•    Preferred date and alternate date
•    Location (Remember:  Week of Welcome will NOT reserve space for your activity)
•    Description (25 words or less)
•    Detailed information about the interactive activity/event (Be CREATIVE!).

Can I receive funding through Week of Welcome for my program?
No.  Week of Welcome does not provide funding for programs that are hosted by campus departments and student organizations.  Student organizations are encouraged to contact the Student Organizations Office (http://studentorgs.uncc.edu/funding-and-grants) to find out more information regarding on how to apply for funding.

If I have questions regarding Week of Welcome, who can I contact?
Please contact Josie Moll at the Office of New Student Services at 704-687-0341 or at weekofwelcome@uncc.edu.  The office of New Student Services is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.