I'm thinking of withdrawing from the University. Where do I start?

Need some advice? Need someone to help you identify alternatives? If you are considering withdrawing from the University, a good first point-of-contact is your academic advisor.  In addition, the Dean of Students Office assists students experiencing circumstances beyond their control requiring their withdrawal from classes for the current term. All students considering withdrawing from courses for any reasons (extenuating or non-extenuating) should contact the Withdrawal Advisor at 704-687-0289.

What are my options for withdrawing? See below:

Self Withdrawal: A student is able to withdraw him/herself through 49er express. All UNC Charlotte undergraduate students are allotted 16 credit hours in which they can use at their discretion to withdraw themselves from classes. These 16 credit hours do not renew each year as they are for the students whole time at UNC Charlotte.The deadline to make a course withdrawal or a term withdrawal is 60% into the semester. Once this deadline has passed, it is assumed that the student has made a commitment to complete that semester.

Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte may have significant academic and financial consequences, so:

  • Complete the withdrawal process online through the my.uncc.edu by the deadline to withdraw.
  • Check the important links below to be sure you have completed the appropriate notifications so that you leave in the best shape academically and financially.
  • If you have questions about re-enrolling, contact your academic advisor to determine what steps you need to take.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal (must get prior approval through a request process): a partial (single course withdrawal) or full withdrawal (all classes) for students who are unable to complete their course work for the semester due to a unforeseen circumstance that may include but not be limited to: 

  • Personal/Family Emergency – Students may be withdrawn completely from all courses due to special circumstances involving an immediate family member (spouse/guardian, parent, sibling, child). The Dean of Students Office must be able to establish a relationship between the student and the family member in order to grant the withdrawal.  In cases of family illness, the student must provide medical documentation of the family member’s illness, which must be presented on medical practice letterhead, signed and dated by the attending physician, and include the dates of treatment. In the unfortunate circumstance that a student experiences the loss of an immediate family member, the student must provide an obituary, memorial service pamphlet, and/or other documentation that identifies the student as related to the deceased. Such documentation must include date of the family member's passing, date of funeral/memorial service, and the city and state the services were held. Students must also be able to articulate how the situation is affecting their academic and personal obligations.
  • Medical/Mental Health Emergency – Students may be withdrawn completely from all courses due to special medical and psychological circumstances.  Students seeking a withdrawal from all classes for medical or psychological reasons must submit a completed Health Evaluation Form. 
  • Military Orders – Students may be withdrawn completely from all courses when being called to military duty. Students must provide official military orders signed and dated by a commanding officer/designee. Orders must include the date of departure.  

Students who request a full withdrawal with extenuating circumstances specifically after the Withdrawal deadline has passed must be able to show why they did not use their withdrawal credits.

Reasons which do not meet criteria:

  • poor performance in course work
  • missed deadlines
  • change of major
  • academic and or grade troubles
  • probationary standing
  • financial trouble ‚Äč
  • involved in legal situation as a defendant

Students are responsible for adhering to deadlines regarding the Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances process. No exceptions will be made!

Once you are ready to begin the process for a Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances, please start by completing one of the following request forms:

Click HERE to submit a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (all classes)

Click HERE to submit a Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (some classes)