All requests for a withdrawal with extenuating circumstances (partial or full) must include the following documentation listed below. Failure to submit the documentation will result in your request not being processed. Students may be required at any time additional documentation that may be needed to make an informed decision.


  • Student must have been seen by their provider a minimum of 3 times
  • Student must have a health evaluation form completed by each doctor that they are currently seeing
  • Student must have a treatment plan (if applicable)
  • Medical provider must submit the dates of the office/treatment visits and the way in which the illness impacted the students ability to complete their studies


  • For situations involving a death, a copy of the death certificate and/or an obituary showing the name of the person who died must be submitted. If the obituary is submitted, it must show the relation to the student.  **A relationship between the student and the family member must be able to be proven in order to grant the withdrawal. 
  • For situations regarding care of a family member, a letter from a medical professional confirming the situation and the student's role as caregiver must be submitted on letterhead.  

Personal Hardship (homelessness, divorce, fire and/ or flooding of residence)

  • The student must submit strong evidence supporting their claim on how the hardship is affecting their studies
  • A signed letter on official letterhead from an appropriate official such as, attorney, counselor, law enforcement agent, court official, or other appropriate source, which specifies the following:
  • The dates the student and/or family were affected by the incident

* Students must be able to articulate how the personal situation is affecting their academic and personal obligations.

**Dates in official letter from appropriate official must be congruent with circumstances and timelines reported in your petition.

Military (active orders to report to official military duties):

  • Official military orders which must include dates that student will be involved with the duties assigned