Graduate Student Withdrawal due to Extenuating Circumstances

Based on the policy in the Catalog and on the Registrar’s web page, graduate students may withdraw by the deadline using the Self-Service link in My.UNCC.  When a student experiences a medical or other crisis during the term, he or she may request a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances through the Dean of Students’ Office. This is the process as we understand it:

1. The student is directed to complete the request form on the Dean of Students’ website: 

2. The Withdrawal Advisor makes contact with the student, as needed.

3. Requests are reviewed.  If the student is a graduate student, the Withdrawal advisor will note the student’s program and that request will be routed to the Associate Dean in the Graduate School through Maxient.

4. The Associate Dean will review the request and contact faculty in the colleges, as necessary. Provided that appropriate documentation is included, the Associate Dean will approve the withdrawal and will notify the relevant administrative offices that the student is being withdrawn for extenuating circumstances.

5. The Registrar’s Office will issue a W (or WE, if approved).

Update 12/14/15