IMPORTANT INFORMATION EFFECTIVE FRIDAY MARCH 24, 2017: Any student that is approved for a FULL Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances that is wanting to return for Fall 2017 semester will need to complete the Petition to Return process no later than August 1, 2017 to ensure that their classes are not dropped.

Please Note: The Dean of Students office only handles current term withdrawal with extenuating circumstances requests!

Below are the steps that a student needs to take to start the process of withdrawing with extenuating circumstances:

  • Discuss your intent with your academic advisor
  • Fill out the request to withdraw form (link below) and see Important_Deadlines below as well

Click HERE to submit a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (all of your classes) request form

Click HERE to submit a Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (some of your classes) request form

  • Gather and submit supporting documentation to the Dean of Students office. If you are requesting a WE for medical reasons you will need to have your medical provider submit the Health_Evaluation_Form_March_2017 and other supporting documentation.
  • Call 704 687 0345 to schedule a consultation with the Withdrawal Advisor

**Students requesting a Partial WE will need to provide clarification and supporting documentation as to why they are only pursing a course withdrawal verses a full-term withdrawal. Partial WE requests are submitted on the students behalf through an Academic Petition to the Associate Dean of the students college**  

Please note that requests will not be processed until you have met with the withdrawal advisor and submitted all of your documentation. Applications are reviewed by the Withdrawal Committee (see important deadlines below) and any determinations will be communicated through email. If approved, the WE will be effective on the date that the request form was received. All students who do a full withdrawal for a term will have a withdrawal tag placed on their registration account. This tag will prevent a student from registering for classes**. When the student is ready to re-enroll in classes they will need to petition to re-enroll in classes. (see Returning from Withdrawal). Important: Students who have registered for Fall 2017 upon the time that their Full WE request is approved, will need to submit the Petition to Return request form and documentation (including consultation) no later than August 1st to ensure that their classes are not dropped.

Important Information: Please note that once the semester ends (last day of classes) the Dean of Students office will not accept any requests for withdrawal with extenuating circumstances. At that time students will need to submit an Undergraduate Academic Petition online to begin the process.